The International Summer School on Radar/SAR will teach the underlying physical principles and the technologies used by modern radar/SAR systems for civil applications and defense as well as the necessary signal processing steps.  The Summer School will place a special focus on imaging radar.

This one-week event features specialist presentations by renowned international experts who will provide the participants with the theoretical knowledge.  The participants will then be divided into several small groups to consolidate their skills in various workshops, while the tutors and lecturers will constantly be available for questions and discussions and to establish contacts:

  • Radar fundamentals and statistical signal processing
  • Overview of different radar systems in the area of remote sensing
  • Radar imaging (synthetic aperture radar / SAR)
  • Moving target indication
  • Interferometric SAR
  • Radar Polarimetric
  • Bi-/multistatic and passive radar/SAR systems
  • Waveform design
  • Antennas and scattering
  • Special aspects for radar front-ends
  • Special radar techniques: Terahertz imaging, ultra wideband (UWB) radar, ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Compressive sensing
  • Cognitive radar




Here you find the detailed program of the International Summer School on Radar/SAR 2024. Schedule is subject to change. Enclosed you find the last schedule.