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This page shows the frequently asked questions and their answers. This page grows over the time. Hence, it it worth to came back regular.


Q: Is there any scholarship available for the Int. Summer School on Radar/SAR?
A: Unfortunately no scholarship is available for the Int. Summer School on Radar/SAR (ISS). Remember that the registration fee for students is merely 600,- Euro. This can be seen already as a financial support as nearly all expenses are included in this fee (lodging and meals). Even the PhD-student fee does not cover the whole expenses (tutors, location, lodging, local transportation, ...). We are not interested in earning money from the Int. Summer School. You might recognize, looking at the 'small' registration fee, that there is nearly no budget left to sponsor any students. Hence, we have no possibility to offer any scholarship.

Q: Is there any discount by removing some options like daily food or other choices?
A: No. All Summer School participants has to stay at Haus Humboldtstein. If you deserve special meals treatments, like vegetarian or gluten-free, this can be highlighted after one has received the confirmation and General Information Package (GIP).

Q: I have checked at the webpage that also a certificate for admission to university is necessary for application. I am not a student at the moment, I have a master degree and work as an assistant researcher in an institute, but my research area is focused on Radar/SAR.
A: The Summer School is open for all. That means, students, PhD-students, and young scientist (... from university and industry) are encouraged to join the Summer School to learn more about Radar and SAR technology and signal processing. Just provide as many information on you as we need to get a positive feeling that you fit into the group of attendees (e.g. what is your interest in the Summer School, what is your background - is there a change of understanding the presented material or not? This question has the be answer.)

Q: What does the "certificate for admission to university" refer to?
A: Just provide your diplomas. That should be enough for us to see where your interests are. Just keep in mind that all requested documents should help us to understand your motivation attending the Summer School and what is your background (this is to see if you are able to understand the presented material ;-) ).

Q: Why do you need a passport or ID-card?
A: The passport/ID-card is to confirm your home address and to have a passport photograph. Further more this document will be useful for us in the case of not paying the registration fee.

Q: When does the participants receive the General-Information-Package (GIP)?
A: The GIP package, which has further information on the summer school location and hints to travel, will be send to the participants shortly after they received the confirmation.

Q: Will the bill send to me only by surface-mail?
A: Our financial department prefers the old-fashion way (surface-mail), which is not always a good solution. We try hard to overcome this problem and send the bill also by e-mail. This will take a few days longer to bring the bill on its way but will work for some countries better

Q: Do I need a VISA and what documents will be provided? If you nees a VISA you should apply for it way in advance, because the processing of your documents may take a while.
A: To see if you need a VISA, please check the official web-site of the German embassy:
German missions abroad: This database is run by Germany's Federal Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt) and tells you exactly who to contact with any questions regarding visas and entry.
Visa regulations: The websites of the Federal Foreign Office also contain detailed information on the visa process and on entry to Germany as well as application forms in various languages for downloading.
The only document we are allowed to send you is a "letter of confirmation", which is sufficient in most cases.

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